Friday, March 16, 2007

2004 Shuixian from Teamasters.

No school today. :)
I got a surprise in the mail today. The mailman came up to the door, and I was expecting it to be my order from teaspring. It turned out that it was a package from Tea Masters with three shuixian samples. Wait, I didn't order anything from Tea Masters... It turns out that it was a gift from Salsero (thank you so much). I'll try these going from youngest to oldest to get a better idea of the change.

I used 10.5g in a 150ml pot. I brewed it for 30s, 45s, 90s, 180s, 300s.
1: The dry leaves have a pleasant chocolaty aroma. The aroma of the liquor has a bit of dark chocolate, and some roastiness. It's a very smooth tea with a full mouthfeel. The taste is kinda chocolaty, and nutty. It seems like it has been aged long enough to mellow out the "fired" taste. The aftertaste is almost coffee-ish. It slowly changes into a little longer lasting floral aftertaste.
2: Not quite as smooth and mellow. A charcoal flavor is more noticeable. There is still a good amount of dark chocolate, and now has a bit of a coffee taste. It has a slight astringency. The aftertaste isn't as strong as the first infusion. Maybe it should be brewed for a minute.
3: the smooth taste returned, but it could probably be improved with a longer infusion. Still has a charcoal taste, but the chocolate lightened up. Not much more.
4: The color of the liquor got a lot lighter, and so did the taste. I'll try one more with 5 minutes, but I think it's dead now.
5: Dead

I'm now really curious how longer aging will affect this tea. I may have underbrewed most of the infusions, but the first was enough to know how interesting of a tea it is (interesting in a good way).


Mary R said...

Aw! That Salsero is a nice guy. Looking forward to your notes on the rest of the teas in the package!

Elle said...

Interesting to know.