Monday, March 5, 2007

Everyday Milan Dancong from Jing tea shop

Time for a little recovering with dancong. Dancong has been one of my favorite teas for a while, and I have recommended this particular one many times because of the quality, and the 5 dollar price tag. I haven't written a tasting note for it yet, so maybe it's time to do so.

I used 1/2 (7g) leaves, and after a rinse, I brewed it for 5s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 30s, 60s.

1: Dry leaves have a strong, fruity, peachy aroma. The initial taste is a little light, but I noticed the normal fruity, and peachy. This particular one also has a more noticeable roasted taste. Although, the roasted taste is very light. The taste comes out more in a peachy, creamy aftertaste.

2: A touch bitter, but not unpleasant. Again, the initial taste is light, but the aftertaste comes out really strong. The creaminess isn't as strong, but the peachy flavor got stronger.

3: This is more fuller flavored. Initially, it has a creme brule flavor that is balanced with the peachy flavor. This one has a honey-like sweetness, but is balanced by a light bitterness. Again, it leaves a lingering aftertaste.

4: A little underbrewed. It's similar to the first two.

5: A little minty. I think the tea is pretty much dead.

6: Not much flavor, and is fairly bitter.

Dancong is still difficult to brew right. I should have brewed the first two for about 10 seconds, and maybe do the third for 15s. Then maybe 30s, then 60s. It definately doesn't have 9 infusions in the leaves like I used to think.

Bad brewing aside, it truly is a delicious tea.


Salsero said...

I've been curious to learn more about this "everyday" tea from Jing. Do you think the main difference between "everyday" and better Dan Congs is largely in their endurance, their ability to produce lots of infusions? Sounds like a luscious and practical tea that I will have to get.

Thanks for publishing your tasting notes on it.

Warden said...

The difference is in taste. It's really hard to explain the difference. There is a big difference in taste, but you'll have to experience it yourself to understand.

I would definately recommend trying them both.

Mary R said...

Hm. Definitely food for thought. At any rate, I know what I'll be adding to my next Jing order. :)

Anonymous said...

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