Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lao Cong shuixian

I lied in my previous post about lowering my infusion times. Earlier today, I brewed some of the rougui from JTS using 12g of leaf and 15s infusions. That made kind of a boring tea. The mouth feel was on the thin side, and the flavor was light.

So, now that I'm more confident that 30s will make a good infusion, I decided to brew some the the lao cong shuixian I got with my first '07 green tea order from Teaspring.
I used 12g in a 150ml pot, and after a rinse, I brewed it for 30s, 20s, 45s, 120s.

1: I can already notice a good amount of complexity just by the smell. Charcoal, spice, creamy, and slightly medicinal. Charcoal and creaminess seems to dominate this fairly young tea (may be from old bushes, but it was produced not too long ago). There is also a bit of chocolate and coffee, but it's not as noticeable as other teas. It leaves a pleasant, fruity aftertaste.
2: This one has more notes of spice, mixed with the charcoal. A bit of creaminess works it's way out in the aftertaste. After some time, it has kind of a menthol-like coolong effect on the tongue.
3: Creaminess came back, and now mixes with spice and charcoal. It leaves a faint fruity aftertaste.
4: Spice is a lot stronger in this infusion. Not much charcoal is left, and there is only a faint creamy taste.

This is one of the more enjoyable yan chas I've tried recently. The strong creaminess of this tea isn't something I've found in yan cha for a while. Although, I think this tea would benefit from a year of aging to tone down the charcoal.

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Salsero said...

Quite an attractive sounding tea. Looks like you're on a roll with good Shui Xian oolongs!