Sunday, March 25, 2007

'97 Shuixian

This the the second tea of the three shuixians. I reviewed the '04 one before I got sick. Now it's time to see what it's like 7 years later.

I tried this tea in a gaiwan yesterday, but it came out kinda weak and boring. I didn't want to post those notes, so I'm trying it again, this time with yixing.

I used 12g of leaf in a 150ml pot. After a quick rinse, I brewed it for 30s, 30s, 60s.
The dry leaves are fairly broken, which is probably from being roasted so many times.
1: Fairly strong coffee taste with some dark chocolate, and slightly woody. It slowly changes into a strong, lingering dark chocolate flavor.
2: Lightened up quite a bit. This one has more chocolate than coffee.
3: Lighter version of the last.

This kind of brewing made it more interesting than when it was brewed in a gaiwan, but 30 seconds did not work for this tea. Since most of the leaves are broken up, it probably needs shorter brewing times.

As for the tea, I did notice a change. This one is a bit more complex than the '04 one. It also didn't seem like it had any charcoal flavor left.

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Salsero said...

I did this one: 8.20 g (1/3 full) 100 ml gaiwan, temp: off boil, flash rinse, infusions: 5 sec, 5 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 10-15 sec, 15 sec, 40 sec

The first of two times I tried it, I have some fairly complex responses ranging from leaf mold to ginger/mint to peach and prune. The second session I didn't even make notes, so the first may have been more my imagination than the tea!!