Saturday, March 10, 2007

'04 Six Famous Tea Mountain shu

Today seemed to be a lazy day when it comes to tea. The spring weather made it possible to spend most of the day outside, so I didn't have as much time to make tea.

The only tea I reviewed today is the '04 6FTM shu. Salsero included a suggestion on how to brewed it, but I first wanted to try it using a method closer to western brewing. When I first got some shu, I would just throw some leaves in a cup, fill with boiling water, cover and let sit for up to half an hour. It used to work very well. So, I brewed it with 3g of leaf in the new 150ml thick-walled gaiwan. The tea had almost no mustiness, which would make this better than the other shus in my opinion. The overall flavor is mostly just earthiness and some woodiness. I don't think this kind of brewing is strong enough to get a good idea of the tea. It was lacking mouthfeel, which could be blamed on the brewing. I'll give Salsero's suggestion a try. I'm sure it will be a lot better than this.

Update: I tried it again using Salsero's suggestion. I had a hard time getting the leaves to an exact 7.5g, so I used the 8g I already had cut out. After a rinse, I brewed it for 60s, 60s, 90s, 120s. The result was a fuller bodied tea. I'm used to shu coming out very dusty. The dust in the tea makes it seem like I'm drinking dirt and hot water. This tea didn't have any dustiness in it. The flavor is pretty much earthiness and woodiness. Again, it lacked mustiness, which is definately a good thing. Overall, this was definately the most enjoyable shu I've tried. I'm still not a big fan of shu, but this wasn't bad.

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Salsero said...

This seems a very sensible way to try out a shou. I like this one pretty strong, as you note, where I get a rich chocolate and cream impression. Your review helped me think through the difference between musty and earthy.

Thanks for the post.