Sunday, March 4, 2007

Wild "Purple" Oolong from Generation tea

I just finished descaling my kettle and teaware, so it's time to try another tea. I think I might be able to try the last of the teas today, so I'm going to start with lighter with the purple oolong, and work up to the stronger dark roast tieguanyin. I was sure how to brew this one, so I used 9g, which is what I'm used to using. After a rinse, I brewed it for 1s, 5s, 10s, KO.

1: After rinsing, the leaves smelled kind of like yerba mate. Slightly grainy, with some smokiness. The taste is also similar to yerba mate. It has a grainy and smoky taste just like the aroma, but it also has a strong medicinal taste.

2: I removed a good amount of leaves from the gaiwan. The aroma is the same, and the medicinal taste lessened up. It's almost exactly like yerba mate. It has kind of a cooling effect on the tongue, and the medicinal taste is the one that sticks around.

3: It doesn't taste like yerba anymore. It's mostly just medicinal. That cooling effect with the last medicinal taste is just not pleasant at all, so I'm going to stop now. *gargles mouthwash*

I think this is more like Chinese medicine than tea. After drinking it, everytime I breath in, it's as if there is medicinal flavored dust in the air. It just won't go away.


Salsero said...

You are being presented with the prestigious GUINEA PIG OF THE WEEK award. Most often this coveted award is presented posthumously, but we're making an exception in your case since it appears you might pull through.

Unless you take up fiddling again ... or meat carving.

Thanks for your patience with these teas. It really has been a boost to my nubie confidence to have an experienced tea consumer concur that these are (at best) "unusual" examples of their types. I was worried that maybe it was my palate or brewing technique that was at fault.

Warden said...

It's no problem at all. Thanks for all the tea. It's always fun to try new teas (well, almost). :)

Mary R said...

Blech! This sounds horrible! Guinea Pig of the Week, poor guy.