Wednesday, April 18, 2007

'06 Menghai "Spring of Menghai"

Many thanks to Salsero for this tea.

I have had this tea sitting in my puerh humidor for some time now, and I think it's about time I tried it.

5g in a 75ml pot, rinse, 15s, 15s, 15s, 20s, 30s, 45s, 60s.
The leaves right off the cake don't have much smell, but when placed in the heated pot, it releases an earthy smell. I smelled the pot before the leaves went in, and it didn't have any tea smell, so it's not from the pot. I also tried made this tea with leaves loose in the wrapper in a gaiwan, and i had the same aroma. I have had the tea in a humidor at 70% for a few weeks, but can it actually accelerate it enough to create that smell?

Rinsing the leaves brings out a different aroma, but didn't really tell much about the actual tea. The tea turned out to be very floral, and slightly fruity. It started developing some woody notes, peach (like dancong) and some butter. It leaves a good aftertaste.

Very nice now, but I look forward to what this will change into.

I have an update about the '01 yinhao tuocha. I wet stored it for a while to see if it will change at all, and it went stale today. Either I did something wrong, or it's not puerh.


Hobbes said...

Commiserations on your bad luck with the Yinhao.

Where did the "Spring of Menghai" come from?



Warden said...

The "spring of menghai" is from Dragon Teahouse.

I'm pretty sure that I did mess up wet storage with the yinhao, but after doing the same thing to a small amount of the nanjian tuocha, it has at least started turning brown, and changing. The yinhao didn't change at all. So it's probably safe to say it was stale green tea.

Stephane said...

I have just purchased the 2007 version. The tea is best brewed in short brews to make it floral and fresh. It doesn't take long brews too well. Astringency develops, but no cigarette smell.

I wonder if it's a puerh that is best drunk young, not old. Did you taste it again recently? Can you tell me how it has evolved since your first tasting?