Friday, April 6, 2007

Shu day

(This was supposed to be posted yesterday)
First day of spring break, and it's a winter wonderland outside... Sigh.

Earlier, I decided to get my shu pot ready so that I could use it to try a sample Bill (Ancient Tea Horse Road) sent (thank you so much, Bill). I have had this pot for a while, but never used because the handle broke a day or two after I got it, and because I rarely make shu anyway. I fixed the handle with super glue, and started seasoning it, but I'm not sure if it's ready for use or not. The first tea I made in it was Menghai Caravan tribute tuocha. The result was surprising. I have never been the biggest fan of shu, but it came out surprisingly good.

Now that I know that the pot is ready for use, I brewed some of the '03 7581 Kunming brick.

I used 7g of leaf in a 100ml pot, and after a slightly long rinse, I brewed it for 15s, 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, and one really long infusion.
1: Kinda light, and kinda pondy?
2: Woody, and almost fruity? Is it possible that there is almost a ripe fruit flavor?
3: Earthy and pondy.
4: Some spiciness, and still woody.
5: lightened up into a light pondy taste.
6: Still dark, but not much flavor.

I noticed something interesting about the dry leaf of both shus. The 7581 still had some moisture left, and the Menghai was very dry. And when comparing the taste of two teas, the menghai was astringent, and the 7581 wasn't.

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Bill said...

I am glad it was a good educational session for you. The 7581 has been aging now for 5 years and this could explain the smoothness - Of course assuming that the MengHai is younger.I also tasted fruit notes and some currants as you did and not so much pond. However, my brewing parameters were different. I used 5g in a 140ml brewing vessle. Try using 2.5- 3g and see if there are any differences. :) I feel that comparing tasting notes is the only effective way of training our palates! I thank you so much for the 8972 MengHai sample you sent. It was delicious!