Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Song Zhong Dancong

With all the new teas I've been getting lately, I forgot just how many teas I have left that I need to use up. I even have some oolong samples from my First order from Jing tea shop. So, I need to start finishing them up.

First, I think it's time to actually try the song zhong dancong from Teaspring, and post tasting notes. I tried it once, but I couldn't tell if it was a light or dark dancong. The dry leaves appear very dark for a dancong, but I don't remember it being like a darker dancong.

I'm trying something that is possibly stupid. I'm going to brew this similar to how I brew yancha. I used 9g in a 120ml pot, and brewed it for 30s, 30s, 60s, 250s. Hopefully I won't die from tannin overdose.

1:WOW. This is exactly what I aim for when brewing dancong, but have never gotten it anywhere near how this infusion came out. It has a very thick mouthfeel, and a surprisingly low level of bitterness. The flavor is a creamy peachiness. It tastes like a milan dancong, but it lacks any kind of an aftertaste. It's mostly a mintiness that is felt in the back of the throat.

2: Already lightened up a bit. 15 more seconds would probably help. Although, it still manages to leave a stronger aftertaste than the first infusion.

3: Flavor lightened again, and is slightly more bitter. This one leaves a fairly strong menthol like aftertaste.

4: I decided to up the brewing time a lot. This one had more flavor, but was still kinda light. It left the same menthol aftertaste.

I'm really surprised that 30 seconds worked as well as it did. I didn't have as much luck with the following infusions as I did with the first infusion, but using more time should fix that.

As for the tea, I'm still trying to figure out if it's light or dark. There is no doubt that it's been roasted, but has it also been oxidized? It tasted like milan dancong, but left a menthol like aftertaste which is something I only noticed in light dancong. So, my guess is it's a light dancong with a stronger roast.

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