Friday, May 18, 2007

'06 xizihao lao banzhang "yin"

One more post for today. This is another sample thanks to salsero.

I tried this one shortly after I received it, but felt I was missing something when I brewed it. At the time, I didn't know it was normal for banzhang to be green tea-ish. I saved that unfinished post, and here it is unedited:
"6g 90ml pot. 15s, 30s, 30s, 30s, 45s,
The dry leaf after rinse has an aroma of fruit, grape, and berry.
1: Aroma: woody, barely any smoke, if any. It has a light, sweet flavor like yiwu puerh. It has some floralness, and a lot of fruity. Starts with grape, and becomes a sweeer berry flavor.
2: Hay came out in this infusion. The fruitiness is stronger, but not much different than last infusion. The aftertaste is of hay.
3: Hmm, is there actually some butteriness in this infusion? It seems more vegetal, with some butteriness. Hay and fruitiness is still present, but mostly in the aftertaste.

Long enough ago for me to change my style of posting tasting notes.

I tried this tea again using 3g in an 8cl pot. I don't know the exact times, but I used 15s untill around the eighth infusion.
This tea was harder to describe this time. I didn't notice and fruit grape or berry in the aroma this time (I think I was uncertain about those aromas when I wrote them down). In my tasting notes, I only wrote down floral for the dry leaf, but I'm still uncertain. I think I'm slightly more confident saying the wet leaf had an aroma of honey, floral, and spice. The tea itself was indeed green tea-ish. It was very smooth, and without any harshness. The taste of the tea was also hard to describe. It seemed like it possibly has some smokiness, but if it does, it's very subtle. I also thought it had some hay and wood flavors. It's probably worth noting that it does have a powerful "qi."

I think my first tasting note was better than the second.

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