Monday, June 18, 2007

'06 Haiwan "mavin" shu

Some quick notes before I put this one off like the others.

'06 Haiwan mavin
I'm not sure if this one is a laotongzhi, or mavin. The english side says mavin, and the Chinese side has the same characters as the ones on the laotongzhi beeng.

7g in a 10cl pot. Rinse, 20s, 20s, 20s, 30s, 60s, untimed.
Dry leaf aroma: While breaking a piece off the brick, I thought it had a musty earthy smell, and a camphor smell. Is that possible? Once in the pot, it had a compost and malty smell (without the sweetness).
Wetleaf aroma: The malty became a little sweeter. Compost is still present, and now woody comes out.

1: Maybe I wasn't wrong to think it smelled like camphor. There actually is a somewhat strong camphor aroma. It's thick and smooth, but there isn't much flavor. Mostly compost and cream.
2: Ripe fruit, cream, spice, and is now more "earthy." It's very similar to Adagio's "puerh dante."
3: Sweeter and maltier. Creamy seems persistent, and compost gave up.
4: Even sweeter.
5: Same. Dying.
6: dead

I'm sure some of the descriptions I used will make anyone think this is a nasty tea. Actually, I really enjoyed it. No serious off-flavors, and is very smooth.


Hobbes said...

Ah! I rather liked this little fellow. Fairly hard to break up without destroying leaves, though.



Warden said...

Yeah, the tighter compression in the middle made it difficult to break apart. At least it's not like broken leaves will make this one bitter.