Monday, June 18, 2007


I still have a few unfinished posts that I need to finish before posting, but I have something I could post in the meantime.

First, guess what kind of tea this is.

And, a picture of my yixing collection.
Top (left to right): Lapsang souchong, Retired lapsang pot, shu.
bottom: High fire oolong, Tieguanyin, Sheng, Dancong (and light oolong).


Salsero said...

Oh, I just read Mary's announcement on TeaChat that you had photos and had to come look. Nice shots. Is the camera a permanent part of the tea arsenal now? Or just a loaner?

I see I have a least one of the pots you have and actually probably 2 or 3.

Warden said...

I'm not sure just how permanent, but there will be more pictures in my blog. Although, I still have to work on updating more often.

Which pots do you think you have the same of?

Brent said...

Do my eyes deceive me? Color... on andy's blog? :)

Anyway, good stuff. It's kinda cool that so many of us internet tea-heads have the same few teapots.

Hobbes said...

Hmm, your blog doesn't look like The Matrix any more, with all these photos... :)

I love the pot-shots. We have the same yellow wulong pot!



Bill said...

Well, its about time! Kidding! I am excited to see that you will be adding photos! I love your pot family!!!!!! You and I definitely have the same taste in Yixing!