Friday, July 20, 2007

"90's Jiang-chen yuan cha"

I've had this sample for several months, but I didn't write detailed tasting notes for it yet.

When I first tried this tea, it was the only aged sample I liked out of the few I ordered from Houde. Since I last tried it, I found that I don't like adolescent sheng much at all, so I wonder if I will still find this one to be as enjoyable as I used to.

5g in an 8cl pot. 2 Rinses (one to loosen the leaves, and one to wet the rest), 15s, 15s, 15s, 15s, 20s, 20s, 20s, 30s, 45s, 60s, 60s.
The large chunk (Not the amount I used):

Dry leaf aroma: Camphor and a slight "aged" aroma. It still smells a little young.
Wet leaf aroma: Same, with a slightly damp aroma.

1: Creamy smooth and sweet. The light shu-ish creaminess remains while more flavor slowly creeps out in the aftertaste which is not much different than the aroma.
2: The slightest bitterness came out, and a stronger aged flavor is mixed with the slight creaminess. While it only had a slight bitterness while drinking it, it has an odd bitterness that lingers on.
3: About the same.
4: camphor is coming out more, and it's tasting younger.
5: same
6: After brewing this, I noticed that there is a tobacco aroma in the leaves.
After several infusions, a long rest, and a few more infusions at night, I had to finish this tea the next day.

Wet leaves:

Overall, it seems more aged than I remember, but it's still fairly young. Aging it longer would probably improve it greatly.


Salsero said...

The color in the cup and your description of it as "creamy" made me think this was a very nice session. Is it still a favored adolescent?

Warden said...

No, it's no longer the favored adolescent anymore. After all this time, it turns out that I prefer the other older or wetter stored ones that I previously didn't care for.