Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Golden Buddha

I recently read some of my old tasting notes on the simply tea forum, and that inspired me to attempt to start blogging again. I know the tasting notes were half-assed and didn't include pictures, it was interesting reading notes on teas that are long gone. Lately, I've gotten more lazy than usual when it comes to tasting notes. When I stopped blogging about the teas, I just wrote a few notes about a tea in a notebook, but haven't done that at all lately.

I've also put some thought into doing quick notes for green tea. I drink green tea more than any other tea, but it has never been a "blog worthy" tea in my opinion. Maybe.

Todays tea is Golden Buddha from Red Blossom. Red Blossom only gives the English name, but they don't seem to rename any teas, so this is probably a style I haven't heard of before.

Dry leaf appearance: Very dark, slightly broken leaves with a few small brown leaves. In the right light, some green is visible.
Dry leaf aroma: Spicy and chocolaty. No charcoal, but smells strongly roasted.

First infusion: Pours a clear, dark amber colored liquor. Smells like roasted ripe fruit. The flavor seems to come in three parts. Ripe fruit is up front, but then the roasted flavors shows itself in a weird way. It tastes like a roasted tieguanyin. Then at last, it leaves a light but lasting aftertaste.

Second infusion: This time the tieguanyin like roasting is upfront. Oddly, this time some charcoal flavors come out. The roasted flavor slowly becomes a sweet green tea like flavor before being overwhelmed by charcoal at the end. The aftertaste is more like hojicha rather than the usual lasting sweetness.

Third infusion: Starting to become smoother, and a bit creamy. Mostly just a roasted flavor now.

Fourth infusion: just a roasted flavor.

Overall, I don't know what to think of this tea. The roasted flavor that reminds me of TGY threw me off, and the hojicha roast threw me even further. I want to try it with more leaf than normal, and less time before I say anything more.


Salsero said...

It's always good to hear your thoughts, especially on this tea since I have been thinking about getting some.

Will said...

If it's what I think it is, it's literally Golden Buddha - "Jīn Fó" (金佛). The place I got mine was a shop / factory that claims to be the only one to manufacture this tea, though that may have been a line.

Anyway, I have two examples - a normal, fairly traditional roast, and a darker roast that was supposedly a special order from one of their customers. I am not a huge fan of either, but they're Ok.