Monday, February 11, 2008

Puerh with a very long name

Many thanks to Bhale for this sample.

"1999 Menghai Yiwu mountain (Dark Blue Piao) green big tree"

Dry leaf appearance: Lots of black and brown leaves. A few gold buds thrown in too.
Dry leaf aroma: Cool, minty aroma. There is another aroma that makes the minty aroma seem a little different than what I normally notice in puerh. I think it might be a strong wood aroma.
Wet leaf aroma: no camphor, mostly just a strong woody aroma.
First infusion: Light amber color, very clear. There is some camphor in the aroma. The taste is a bit light. Some wood, earth and camphor mostly.There is a light aftertaste that is felt in the throat.
Second infusion: Very slightly darker. Still has some camphor aroma. Taste is very minty.
Third infusion: Starting to show younger flavors. Still earthy, but there is a hard to decribe flavor I mostly only notice in young sheng. Kind of a cheese/yogurt/mold type flavor.
Fourth infusion: Everything is starting to come together. Earthiness, camphor, wood, and mold.
. . . .
It was surprisingly good at that young of an age. I imagine a tea like this could only get better as time passes.


Salsero said...

Mmm, this tea already has nearly 8 years on it. It sounds like a long-distance runner. Where did Monsieur BHale get it from?

I'm looking forward to your post on the DHP and Shui Xian you were talking about earlier in the TeaChat IM. That interesting expression, "less expensive, better tasting," certainly caught my attention!

Bill said...

Sal, no kidding.. where did he get it! I mean, I have some in my closet but it is all mine and not enough to give away! LOL