Thursday, February 7, 2008


Water turtle time!

This particular Shui Jin Gui is from Grand. I have brewed this tea many times before without writing any tasting notes.

Dry leaf aroma: just a strong roast which created an almost chocolate like aroma.

The liquor is dark amber/brown, and slightly cloudy. It has a nice toasty aroma. The mouthfeel is surprisingly thick for a wuyi. The flavor is mostly the strong roast. At first, just a toasty flavor, and changes into a coffee/chocolate flavor. It does have an aftertaste that shows the flavor of the leaf, but it's not very strong.
The tea starts to mellow fast in the following infusions. The stronger coffee/chocolate roast flavor disappears, but the aftertaste sticks around.

Overall: it may not the the best yancha I've tried, but it's still fairly enjoyable. It seems a bit young, but it's still a soothing, comforting kind of yancha.

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