Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tie Luo Han

This is another tea from Grand. Out of the few I tried, this is my favorite one.

Dry leaf appearance: Usual dark, long and twisty leaves, with a barely noticeable green tint.
Dry leaf aroma: Smells similar to rougui.

First infusion: Very mellow roasted flavor with a sweet lasting flavor jumping out almost immediately. It has a green tea like flavor that reminds me of sencha and yunnan green tea. There is also a mellow ripe fruit flavor, among other things I can't describe.
Second infusion: Not much roasted flavor, and has an unusual blend of red tea flavor, and green tea.
Third infusion: the roasted flavor came back. Kinda like a lighter version of the first infusion.

This one was already a favorite before, but my slight change in brewing (I didn't note the change before, but I did change my parameters) made it even better. Overall, it would be hard to beat this tea, especially at that price.

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