Sunday, January 11, 2009

Revist of a revist of a revist

'07 Dragon Teahouse dahongpao
Old tasting notes.

Ok, I only wrote notes for this tea once, but it feels like I've revisted this tea many times already. It's the only tea I've bought 600 grams of, and drank somewhat regularly for almost 2 years.

The reason I bought so much of it was because I really enjoyed the first 100 grams of it, and the price was right to get 500 grams. I also wanted to age some while having enough to drink while aging. So, it's about a year and a half later, and I have about 50 grams of "aged" tea. I didn't re-roast or anything, just let the "fire taste" mellow.

From the smell of the leaves in the tin, the roasted/charcoal smell is gone. The brewed tea has a slight bitterness, but has enough sweetness to cover the bitterness. It has a fairly thick and oily mouthfeel. The charcoal flavor is gone, and only a toasty flavor is left. It has a strong fruit flavor (the same one I need a new descriptor for). Maybe plum and peach would be slightly better than "fruit." The aftertaste is very similar to milan dancong in flavor and strength.

I have held onto other yancha for a while thinking it would age, but it usually just went stale. So, I'm a bit surprised how this one came out. It actually aged so that the roast mellowed, and the flavor of the leaf came out.

Although, it's hard to say if I enjoyed it more a year ago, or now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's me rabbit! I can't believe you're still around lol! And still drinking tea I see! Just last night I was looking at my yixing pot and wanting to get back into the old habit, I still drink tea but rarely have the time for loose leaf! My bookshelf of tea is all gone stale :(