Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green tea

My taste for tea has finally come back, so maybe I'll blog about it! I recently got a few 2011 greens from teaspring.com and it has me getting back into the tea journey.

I don't exactly know why I'm blogging about this, but I guess it's better than talking to myself about tea. Whenever I get into something, I submerge myself in it trying to better understand it myself. My blog thus far is about my journey with tea, though lately I feel I got too hung up on certain details trying to perfect how I brew tea. I never believed that tea is inherently bad, it just needs to be brewed better, and appreciated for what it is (unless it's stale or abused in some way or another). So, I always focused on brewing, which I never quite got good at. I toyed with water and any and all parameters. It never quite got through to me that simplicity is best. This post is about how I brew green tea now.

I have a post about tea water not too far down the page that gets into unnecessary scientific words, and overall should just be deleted from this blog. If I had my word on tea water, it's to treat it simply, and always bring to a boil before cooling to the temperature needed. I just use filtered tap water, and I have a simple stainless steel kettle with a whistle that I boil water in. Since I almost always cool the water, I just dump boiled water from that into a ceramic kettle to cool it down. I don't use thermometers and I don't go by bubble size, I judge the water temperature by the steam. I leave the lid off until the steam gently wafts from the kettle. I found this to be the easiest and most convenient way to get the water to the right temperature without the use of a thermometer. I don't know what temperature it is, I just know it works. From there, I brew and drink tea in an un-preheated gaiwan with the lid off.

Now that talking out loud is done, I'll leave off here. I'll follow this up with a few tasting notes of the teas I'm currently drinking hopefully tomorrow.

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