Saturday, November 10, 2018


Is the only book of prophecy in the New Testament. It was written by John, a disciple of Jesus Christ. The prophecy testifies witness to the Christ. The coming of the Christ into the world meant God was made flesh and blood.The God of the Old Testament is made flesh and blood in Jesus Christ. The prophecy connects the Gospel of Jesus Christ with prophecy in the Old Testament. Just like the gospels, Revelation draws on the stories and words of the Old Testament. The vision is of the earth before people become like the angels. This prophecy would not so much be fulfilled by the coming of Jesus Christ as much as he will complete our understanding of these words of prophecy. Like the lamb undoing the seals, he will complete our understanding of scripture. We need to wait for the second coming of Christ to truly understand these words of prophecy. They certainly attest to Jesus Christ being God, and as He fulfilled prophecy of the Old Testament in our understanding, only He will be able to open our eyes to what the stories mean. Scripture reveals itself through devout study. In time it makes more and more sense. Just like other prophecy, we won't know if it truly came to pass, or if it will be better realized in time. Scripture is meant to be read repeatedly. As the word of God strengthens in your heart, the word of God in scripture will continue being a source of wisdom and insight. And in walking with God. Without God we would not find comfort or insight in reading scripture. No words of prophecy have an expiration date. In your understanding will scripture be fulfilled.
Jesus Christ is Lord,
let the heavens open
and God's love come down.
make known He is
He has done it,
and He is King.
I crave his ways,
and delight in his mercy.
Let the earth know
and be filled with his glory.
. . .
Without end.
I will meditate on this,
without end.
Like before,
and as if I could change.
Yay! Jesus!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The law of Moses

Was written down and is meant to be read out loud to a public assembly. Upon hearing the law, kings are told to write down for themself the laws given by God. Moses is a faithful servant of God, he's noted for being the most humble, which is where his authority comes from. Moses received the ten commandments only to find that Aaron and the Israelites had created an idol and started worshiping it. The God of Moses wouldn't allow his name to be profaned. Moses didn't need to prove that the golden calf was powerless, but that's what he did when he ground it in a powder and threw it in the river.
Moses differentiated between holy and common. He also assured that keeping with the statutes and decrees, people of God would be like fruit still attached to the tree, unbruised. Moses' camp was made holy by observing these things. Moses would talk to God face to face, which no one else did. His face was noticed to be radiant when he talked to God. Moses brought God to the people. God performed the many things allowing them to escape Egypt. What is seen is the need for order and regulation. Even when something isn't clear, there needs to come an answer. With the Lord it isn't a guessing game. As the law was established, Moses and the Israelites were dealing with their sins. The Israelites were quick to go their own way, completely forgetting what the Lord did for them. The law establishes the God of Moses and the God of the fathers in Genesis, is the one true God. This God is the God of the earth and all the people on the earth. Being of God means life is different. Holy and common is distinguished so that the reader may make correction in their life to come closer to God. Read Psalm 119.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Divination and magical arts, a confession

This came as a revelation to me. Now it seems so obvious, but it literally appeared to me as magic. I couldn't believe it. It's a part of spiritual awakening to be aware of this stuff, it's not bad if it's white magic. At the very least it's neutral. Here's the simple truth, it's all as reliable as using the horoscope to make life decisions. The individual is smarter than these tools and practices. For the truly awakened individual, there is no need to know more than is already known, for the individual is the epitome of all that divination and magic hopes to achieve.

For a portrait of what I'm talking about, reiki and ayahuasca shamanism emphasizes what I'm talking about. I pay attention for anything relevant to ayahuasca (that hasn't already been exhausted) and one thing that stands out is a video of a european shaman with his entire collection of stones with him. I would never trust such an individual to supervise me on ayahuasca. I would literally throw all the stones out of the hut in that scenario. That's just me though, I compulsively clean when I'm tripping.

It's the intention behind it all that counts. I just painted a scenario where the intention was transparent to me. At the end of the shamans journey, the shaman will return to the earth not being able to carry anything with them, not different than anyone else. However, the shaman is the individual that is SUPPOSED to have already taken everything into account and have already made these changes in their life. At this point they are seeking shamans that haven't fully made it themselves yet, and their remaining ego is food for their next victim.

There are cases where women have been raped by a shaman. This terrifies me to my core.

Moving away from ayahuasca shamanism, reiki is it's closest relative in the western world. Japan literally made itself western with reiki. Reiki masters are influenced the same as the shaman I talked about. They relive their spiritual awakening so that others may experience it too. This is the basis for life and isn't a problem with the right mindset. I'm complaining about the wrong mindset, so lets say their ego got wrapped up in being spiritually superior. They might even have a box of spiritual tools that are more them than they are themselves. The energy gets trapped in a crystal to be released later. Like a dream catcher being cleansed by the morning sun.

Who said any of this worked in the first place?

A spiritual awakening in and of itself is not a good thing. It's a transformation of the ego from physical to spirit, while still missing the overall point of a spiritual awakening. What makes me feel small and at awe with this world is what reminds me of my awakening. Other people don't share my enthusiasm for life (I promise you).

So how do I know? I learned by experience, by tragic mistake, and trial and error. I lived life not cutting myself off from this mysterious source of power. I had a copy of the tao te jing. When the tao te jing came alive I then got tarot cards, and a copy of the i ching.

They all lie! Even the tao te jing, which is the easiest to defend on the list. What I had to realize was that it was just one opinion on wisdom, and isn't the Holy Bible. Those familiar with the text won't have a problem with me not explaining it in detail. It's source isn't as low as it claims to be. However convincing it is, the text is merely an introduction rather than the main act. Translations will differ, and each translation will have some level of human error. There isn't much written to prevent this in translation.

The i ching is purely a book of divination. I won't explain how it's used, I'll just say that while it has the ability to be surprisingly relevant as it's read, I started counting how many times it lied.

Tarot cards did the same thing to me. They have a way of capturing ones attention, but reflecting on readings in hindsight never made the fruit tree produce fruit. It was more like it revealed my subconscious wants. No matter how many times divination says something, it doesn't speed anything up. It won't be delivered to your front door like how amazon replaced brick and mortar stores.

All that's left is ideas plaguing my head that never came true.

Then I start talking about how we're tripping.

Weed and psychedelics can make all this come to life.

I won't be the first to tell you that bad trips exist.

Bad trips are life altering. Rock bottom is hit feeling invincible. Because none of these practices bear fruit for anyone, anyone involved will starve themselves. No fruit, no food.

And then they'll realize how powerful they are that there is such a saying as "with great power comes great responsibility." The initiated shaman with the baggage of the ego hasn't yet realized that it's all in the mind. External sources of power disagrees especially with God.

Tools for divination can be considered training wheels for learning how to pray. It takes a devout practice to learn the voice of God! Those that are real will try to bring you closer without falling to false ideas. Prayer might be something learned through practice. There are so many different voices, and what sounds like God might actually be your neighbor having an affair next door.

It does not flash or flare. It doesn't try to sell itself. For it has no price to be bought. If it appears too good to be true, it likely is too good to be true. Why was this ever hard to understand? It does no good, and distracts from what actually does good. It will never be allowed to shine like this.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Death and Rebirth

I am a living dead person.

When you die, you're just reborn. The same cycle will repeat itself over and over, as it always did. Shamans depend on this for insight. The journey is a personal journey into death. Those that make it out alive are truly alive, because they were allowed to see all there was to offer. For what could be the most bizarre and weird root to reality, death only transitioned into rebirth. Ayahuasca is known for an experience that will reintroduce the individual to this planet showing all that was hidden before.

Rebirth really is a social construct. When humans first witnessed the present moment, it was communicated and remembered. We study the divine, so we learn the ways of the divine. We don't orchestrate a ceremony, we just know how to step aside and let the spirit of ayahuasca do the work.

The present moment has been witnessed, but who can explain it? The present moment is here, but it contains so much more. The present moment is where you'll find all you've ever needed. In the present moment, we become all that we were ever meant to become. Think about it too hard and the present moment becomes elusive.

We just forget we are in the present moment because we are alive. I'm so dead I live in the entirety of time, so I can get away with saying some really crazy things. It's a product of experience, and staying true to the path of humility. Ayahuasca is pure humility.

What makes this present moment special is that it has always been here. There's a catch though. You will be alone with god, and though you may want to write everything you hear down, you won't be able to. You won't even know how god is communicating since you hear no words. Bring pen to paper, and god becomes more cryptic. Continue listening and you'll realize it's a one on one with god, and god wants no distractions.

You need to recite the prayer from memory. When the memories return, so does the words, and then you'll be able to write. Those that make it out alive are truly alive, and have a story to share.

My God is the God of death. I am the living incarnation of God. The experience is a true death experience, so it's possible to feel like a dead person animating a living body. The knowledge of death is the knowledge of God. This is the "holy spirit" at work.

Acclimation takes time. Then it's like going in and out of dream states. Anyone that is initiated like this will experience every state of mind for the simple sake of having that awareness. The cycles that are interwoven, long and short, will never be able to surprise you. Take this present moment for the clarity and tranquility that it has to offer.

So the sage thinks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ghost town

Everything is on earth.

What existed is, was, and will always be.

Singularity breaks off into fractals. Fractals repeat infinity.

What is lost will be found.

What needs to be found will be discovered.

That which should be discovered will remain hidden.

No one will care.

Tribal dance.

Town of ghosts.

Mind fuck America.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Terra Vista cemetery

Now that the ayahuasca trip log is done, the real fun can begin! While the world of the living is brewing, the voices of the dead are audible to the naked ear. It helps to be stoned, but solidifying memories leaves a way to communicate even when the window between worlds separates. The ability to communicate is dependent on many variables, the weather, the stars, etc. The spirit world has never been closer to our world. Even still there are momentary surges here and there. She wants to make sure you learn it the first time, making the same mistake twice has consequences.

Terra Vista cemetery is an old cemetery that started as a native burial site and became a settlers cemetery. Some of the first outsiders in this state were buried there. However, the world of the dead has this sort of effect where they are too ingrained in the land to leave. They weren't unwelcome it seems, the land just wasn't ready. It wasn't good. The spirits most certainly are restless, and sort of welcomed marijuana. It was a weird story, but with the assistance of marijuana, I can finally prove that I'm insane!

The walk up is a curved hill. It's about a 10 minute walk, but then you get to a clearing of trees. Tall grasses grow on both sides of the trail. The first headstone can be seen in the distance, an eery white. That walk wasn't ordinary, each step was a year back in time. By time you get there it's 1891.Still a little in the future, but the air is too heavy here to contemplate that further. It's a small cemetery, but it's a very large burial site. It stretches out much further than the little graveyard surrounded by woods. It's not too far from the road, but you can barely see it, and sounds echo. Chickens are in the area and are most commonly heard. Listen a little more closely and you'll hear the real voices. Tread lightly.

the days of the fried - ayahuasca part 3

What always stood out to me about ayahuasca was how when you think you're overcome by it, it has a way of reminding you it only just got started. The trips had a time specific duration, and followed a natural course each time. Ayahuasca is not for you if you enjoy confusing mystical stories. Each time you take it, you're just trying to get high again, and potentially receive a new vision. I consider it the psychedelic of clarity. I walk away from it each time feeling right as rain. The haze of thoughts is replaced with a contentment of being. I sat outside the next day listening to the same music again, and wrote down the details of the trip into a notebook that is no longer in my possession. I was noticed, and I was noticed in a big way.

I never sold drugs, but I was about to become a drug lord. The twackery found me, and I was too far gone. Fentanyl started replacing weed, and meth wasn't far around the corner. I had amnesia, and I blacked out often. I only knew when I was coming back. Only this time my body was fighting to survive. I'll say it again, I blacked out a lot.

I was having an interesting roommate situation pop up. Some people moved in, moved out. Invited friends. I tripped on LSD at least. We walked around the woods at night. The stars hallucinated a beautiful compass, and the trail had signs. I would have chosen to smoke more weed though, the cocaine and meth at the end of the night made me sick. I guess the LSD was a compromise.

August 2017 another sunny day. I decide to microdose it this time, I wanted to test out that possibility. I just sat in the grass in the front yard, I looked over at the tree and the green leaves resonate, shooting green fractals out each leaf tip! The clouds in the blue sky where actually inches away this whole time! Who knew? It just felt like being small and in awe of nature.

Ayahuasca is always beautiful, but that was the eye of the storm. I was left without a job, the water was shut off, and the people just keep changing. I wasn't paying rent anymore so why not? Meth came free, and I actually occasionally got some weed. What meth addicts won't tell you is that they can't smoke weed anymore without tweaking horrifically. You need to find a connection that isn't too far gone. Even still, it became an impossible thing and meth was it. I already had nothing left, and it became interesting eating meth.

Meth is a superhuman drug. Something just isn't right about it. My thoughts are on display and everyone can see them! After a few days of abusing my thoughts, I sat there wondering when the meth and sleep deprivation would kill me. I don't even know why I take more, it's literal abuse. I sat awake for a week not speaking. I communicated moving stuff around. Nothing much ever happened so it wasn't hard to point an incense burner towards someone. Deep philosophical conversations while not saying a word.

Much of the details will remain out of the story. Going into anymore detail could incriminate me. My rent was already up and I moved out. I've been clean from meth, heroin, fetty, etc for maybe 5 months now. The journey into recovery is a tough one. I don't fear slipping now that marijuana isn't laced with anything except good ol' THC. It's still a struggle, but the human mind is always wired to recover. I ate a lot of sin on ayahuasca, I'm not worried. Marijuana keeps me happy. No one should have to fight to use the medicine that heals them. That's the world we were born into though. I like to think if I have any say, my word could strike fear in the prohibitionists. Nothing else works like marijuana. A bowl or two in the morning makes me chill and relaxed. The day goes by smoother. I just try to keep my perspective in check. I love getting lost in thought.