Monday, December 22, 2008

I might post today

I just decided to try writing tasting notes (one again), and ended up stumbling across a lot of old posts that would be very helpful in the future. So, I'm going to try to post them, however rough they might be.

'06 Haiwan laotongzhi

I was curious how my puerh is aging, so I decided to try this one. It was a favorite last year

~1/4 leaves, rinse, 30s, 15s, forgot, forgot, and forgot (I didn't list)

The aroma of the leaves hasn't really changed. Still packs a good amount of campfire smoke, a slight citrus aroma, and a bit of a "green" aroma. Still smells pretty good.

First infusion: Medium mouthfeel. Citrus shows up first, and slowly fades to cigarette smoke. Menthol cigarettes? It has a strong menthol, cooling effect on the tongue. Finishes with a good amount of astringency, no meaningful aftertaste.

Second infusion: Bitter! I obviously lost my tolerance of sheng bitterness. Kinda like green/cirtus flavor, that becomes a menthol/smoky flavor.

Third infusion: I still have hopes that this will age well. I imagine the current menthol flavors will become camphor, and the smoke will make a more "masculine" tasting old pu. I just don't want to drink it again until it's well aged. :/

On the opposite side of the fennce: laotongzhi shu. I recently found that I still have some of this left from Salsero's second best teahouse. It was one of the first few shus I've tried that I actually liked

3 small chunks in a 100ml pot. long rinse, 30s, forgot, forgot, and forgot.

Dry leaf: I finally found the rubber! Everyone talked about it smelling like rubber, but I never noticed it until now.
Wet leaf: very malty, and only a bit of rubber.

First infusion: The liquor is fairly light for a shu. I can just barely see the bottom of the cup. Very smooth, but rubber covers the more pleasant maltiness.

Second infusion: A lot darker, but still light enough to have dark ruby edges. Tastes about the same as the first.

'05 Jinzhen "South of Cloud" shu


I guess it's time to start writing tasting notes now that I got my order from puerhshop today.

South of Cloud

5 grams of loose tea found in the wrapper in a 35cl mug. I brewed it loose in the mug.
The smell of the tea wasn't as sweet as other shus. The smell is more outdoorsy. Woody, dirt, possibly forest floor?

'04 Nanjian tuocha
4g in 8 cl pot. Rinse, 15s, 15s, 15s,
Dry leaf aroma: smoke, hay, vegetal.
Wet leaf aroma: smoke, hay, wood, vegetal. Doesn't seem like an additional year made any difference.
1: Maybe another year did make a difference. The '05 isn't very harsh, but this one is noticeably mellower than the '05. In terms of flavor, grape seems to be upfront. The smell of smoke from the leaves didn't make it into this infusion. It's mostly woody, vegetal, and slightly fruity (grape and berry).
2: Basically a stronger, harsher, cloudier version of the first. I'm assuming this has been stored in very dry conditions as it is very drying.
3: It's starting to show that it's entering the transitional period. [adolescent pu?]