Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Time for a new blog!

Thinking out loud!

I haven't blogged much lately, even though I've had tons of ideas for blog posts. The problem is, the direction of what I want to write about shifted away from simply drinking tea, to more serious topics that I've since regained interest in. A couple years ago, I posted my ex-vegan story on this blog, but I wound up taking that post down because I didn't last long as an ex-vegan. I've always been passionate about health and nutrition, and that passion is only strengthened when it involves veganism. I was passionate about tea enough to write about it for a while, but I've become content just drinking tea and not writing about it.

This leaves me with a decision to make. Since I've already started taking this blog in different directions, I can keep writing on this blog and have an unusual title, or I can start a new blog entirely. I might start writing a few blog posts here, and then reepost them to a new blog once I come up with a name for it.

So, future topics will include veganism from the perspective of an ex-ex-vegan, diet and lifestyle and how they affect physical and mental health (I have a degree in psychology, so I can't leave out mental). I focus a lot on the health aspect of things, but I don't ignore the ethical side of how we eat. Whether it involves the animals, the ecology of the planet, or how it impacts food security. This is a journey for me as well, so I'll have personal posts thrown in as well, and maybe even posts involving tea (yay!).

First post will be my ex-ex-vegan story, which will probably include re-posting my ex-vegan story. I don't want to re-post it because it makes me cringe reading it, but I'll post it anyway.